The Function Of The Appraisal Review Board

(Modified in part from Taxpayers’ Rights, Remedies, & Responsibilities as published by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts)

The Appraisal Review Board (ARB) is a group of citizens authorized to resolve disputes between taxpayers and the Appraisal District.

ARB members are appointed by the Appraisal District Board of Directors. An individual must be a resident of the District for at least two years to serve on the ARB. Officers and employees of the Appraisal District, taxing entities, or the State Comptroller’s Office cannot serve on the ARB. ARB members also must comply with special conflict of interest laws.

The members of the Val Verde County Appraisal District Appraisal Review Board for the current term of office are:

  • Robert Clubb, Chairman  -
  • Otila Gonzalez, Secretary
  • Diane Fitzgibbon
  • Rene Garza
  • Javier Esquivel

The ARB determines taxpayer protests and taxing unit challenges. In taxpayer protests, it listens to both the taxpayer and the Appraisal District. The ARB determines if the Appraisal District has granted or denied exemptions and agricultural appraisal properly. The ARB’s decisions are binding only for the year in question. The ARB begins work around May 15 and finishes by July 20.